Profitable Niche Part 2

How to Build A Profitable Niche Website (Part 2)

SEO Case Study Part 2Here’s a quick update on the SEO case study that I started about a fortnight ago. As you might remember I set up a websitetargetting the keyword “Wine Aerator” and added a few pages to it promoting different aerators through the Amazon affiliate program.

All that I’ve done so far is build links on a few wine blogs and forums but already I can see that two of the keywords that I’m targetting are starting to rank in Google for some of the keywords that I’m targetting:
I’ve also started to receive a few of visitors from Google too:
Search Terms
It’s not much but it’s nice to see that people are starting to find my site… plus I’ve barely done anything to it yet aside from building a handful of links!

The next Step…

So what’s next? Simply more content and more backlinks.
Using the Google Keyword Tool I’ve found three more keywords to target:
Keyword Search
Then I’ve created a page for each of these three terms and added them to my website
Site Preview
I’ve now got six pages in total on my Aerator website.
Finally I created backlinks on a few more wine forums and blogs and have set up a SquidooWeebly and page about “Wine Aerators” each with a few backlinks to my website:
Web 2.0 Properties
And that’s it! Nothing super complicated at all… just good old fashioned unique content combined with quality backlinks on related websites.

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